5 Reasons Why One Direction’s New Video Is Pretty Darn Brilliant!

After a week of teasing their fans with cheeky countdown snippets, One Direction released the video for their new single ‘Steal My Girl’ and 4pm (GMT) today. The boys have claimed that this is their best video to date, and with a rather famous actor, a range of zoo animals and an exotic setting behind them, here are five reasons why they might just be right…

1. Zayn being made the ‘mysterious’ one


At the beginning of the video, director Danny DeVito gives all of the boys different roles to play, and surprise surprise Zayn is named the mysterious one! Little inside joke to all the Directioners out there and a role that suits his character perfectly!

2. Niall’s hilarious dance moves


Niall just gets cuter by the minute doesn’t he? Always up for a laugh he’s guaranteed to make the fans giggle bustin’ his moves with an African tribe!

3. Louis makes friends with a monkey


I don’t think I could think of anything more brilliant that Louis Tomlinson (the cheeky one of the group) being placed next to a monkey! They seem to get on pretty well too!

4. THAT coat Harry’s wearing..


We all know Harry’s a sucker for fashion, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw him rocking this leopard print trench coat. I’m not a leopard print fan myself but he still manages to look pretty hot..

5. Having an awesome actor as the videos ‘director’!


Danny DeVito – a great actor known for his roles in Matilda and Space Jam to name but a few, and now that One Direction are a fully fledged household name they managed to get him on side to act as the Director for their video – pretty cool huh?

Well done boys – watching your new video was a great way to start the weekend!

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