5 Reasons To Banish Your End Of Summer Blues!

It’s official – we’ve reached September, the month which sees the start of a new school/college year and post-summer holiday blues! But when I woke up this morning to a cloud of fog and a definite cooler breeze in the air I tried to think of some of the positives of waving goodbye to the summer months for another year and welcoming the cooler seasons. 

1. Everyone’s favourite events and holidays take place in Autumn and Winter

Halloween, Bonfire Night and (dare I say it) Christmas, are everyone’s favourite events of the year. The shops get so excited for them that Christmas cards, mince pies and pumpkins are put on the shelves in July! But what’s more fun than dressing up as a devil, having a bonfire with plenty of hot chocolate and marshmallows and eating chocolate everyday throughout December?! You know I’m right… 

2. A/W Fashion is AWESOME!

Cosy jumpers, Chelsea boots, thick scarves, snuggly socks and massive coats – need I say more? I personally love Autumn/Winter fashion and really enjoy dressing all cosy and snug on a cold day, it’s all about the layers!

3. Starbucks and Costa’s Seasonal Drinks 

Coffee lovers everywhere will be counting down the days until Gingerbread Lattes and Orange Mocha’s make a reappearance back into our lives – they are the perfect accessory to a warm winter outfit and shopping trip with the girls.

4. You can spend the day being completely lazy and not feel an ounce of guilt!

PJ’s, chocolate, a massive duvet and countless episodes of Gossip Girl or Breaking Bad? Yeah it sounds like the perfect day to me too – but something I always feel bad for doing throughout the summer months! But fear not, cold, damp weather is the perfect time to be as lazy as you want and nobody can make you feel guilty!

5. Onesies

I think the title says it all! Over the past few years everyone seems to have gone a bit onesie mad, but who can blame them?! I’ve already got my eye on a new one for when the cold weather starts to kick in..


If this doesn’t make you just a little bit excited for Autumn to be on it’s way then I don’t know what will! 

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