Five things I’ve been loving in July!

In June I did a blog post entitled ‘Five things I’m loving right now’, which was a post I really enjoyed writing as it’s always nice to focus upon things that have made you happy, so I thought I’d try and make this a monthly post to give my blog a bit of a routine. As we’ve just waved goodbye to July (a week ago I know!) I was having a think about things that I was loving during that very warm, summery month!

1. Baking

I’m the first person to admit I’ve never been the best in the kitchen, I can cook, but am definitely no Delia Smith in the making! However, on multiple occasions throughout July I decided to make cakes with my six-year-old sister, and found that it was something I actually really enjoyed doing.

July loving 1 July loving 4

 2. Having an iPhone!

Everyone that knows me, will know how much of a big deal it is that I’ve FINALLY upgraded to an iPhone. After having my little Blackberry for the past two years it was time to say goodbye when my contract ran out, and as much as it served me well, it’s definitely refreshing to be up to date in the world of technology!

3. Home Cooked Food

Obviously with me being at University for the majority of the year, it’s always so lovely to come home to my (much loved and missed) parents home cooking! So whilst being home for summer I’ve definitely enjoyed letting myself indulge in lots of yummy treats I wouldn’t normally have at University – and yes I do realise my plate was a bit ambitious when I had Roast (left).

July loving 2 July loving 3 

4. Radio 1

This could seem a bit of an odd one, but whilst I’ve been home and have been at work, Radio 1 is something we always have on in the office. Although it’s something I’ve always loved listening to, it’s one of those things I forget about at Uni and then remember how much I love whenever I’m home.

5. Hair Scrunchies

As you’re probably aware, hair scrunchies seem to be all the rage at the moment. Although I’m never one to wear my hair up when I go out that often, whenever I shove it up at home, which has seemed a regular occurrence in the hot weather, I always find a scrunchie looks so cute compared to a normal hair tie. I’ve only got one at the moment which I brought in the Topshop sale, but am on the lookout to add more to my collection!

July loving 5


What things have you been loving this month?

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