30 Day Snap #27 | The Best Worst Day Ever

WARNING: Today’s 30 Day Snap is going to be incredibly snap happy, so be prepared to see lots of pictures! Also, the cryptic title will become clear as you read on, I promise.

Today me and my flatmates decided to have a day out in Winchester, which is about a 20 minute train ride away from Southampton. One reason for this was just to have one last girly day out before we all go home next week, plus the weather was predicted to be around 20 degrees for the first time in a while, so we thought it would be a good idea to make the most of the sunshine!


ImageWe arrived in Winchester just after 2 o’clock, so our first stop was lunch which we decided should be at none other than our much loved Starbucks. My cheese and tomato panini was very yummy!


ImageOne of my flatmates has been to Winchester a couple of times before, so we let her be the tour guide to show us all of the prettiest places the town has to offer, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Throughout the main high street there were lots of cute stalls selling various items, the one which caught our eye most sold a range of handmade jewellery that was all really reasonably priced, so we each decided to treat ourselves to a friendship bracelet.


ImageWe then moved on to Winchester Cathedral, which is an absolutely beautiful building, especially on a summers day. There’s a large patch of grass outside where you can sit and eat a picnic, that appeared to be popular with tourists as the building could easily be admired for hours.

ImageImageImageMy flatmate then took us to her favourite shop called ‘The Hambledon’ which we also fell in love with! It reminded me of shops in the Laines in Brighton, selling a load of lovely gifts such as books, posters, cards, home ware, and MAKE UP! They sold products from a brand called ‘Paul &Joe’, and if I wasn’t on such a student budget at the moment then I would have definitely treated myself to something!



ImageThe high street led to a canal that we walked along before going to a local pub called ‘The Black Boy’ which had very unique decor inside consisting of stuffed animals and artsy posters.

It was from here that the day started to go a bit pear shaped. As we were sat having a drink in the pub, my flatmate realised that she didn’t have her phone on her, which at first she didn’t panic about until we all realised that she had most definitely left it somewhere as it was nowhere to be seen!

As we left the pub to go on a phone hunt, we were greeted by a sudden downpour of rain which definitely didn’t go well with our summer outfits. After not being able to find my flatmates phone we had to embark on the fifteen minute walk back to the station in the pouring rain. Which I can tell you now, was not fun!

Luckily, once we were inside the train and on our way back to not-so-sunny Southampton, we did manage to see the funny side of the situation which my flatmate described as ‘The Best Worst Day Ever.’


ImageEven though the end of the day didn’t go exactly to plan, we really did have a lovely last day out together. Winchester is such a quaint, picturesque place, which is really nice to be close to when you live in a busy city like Southampton. I think we’ll definitely be going back again sometime soon, and hopefully then our luck will be a bit better!

I apologise for the fact that today’s post has been so long if you’re a fan of short posts, but I thought today’s day out was a good opportunity to become a bit of a tourist and share my photos with you all!

Have you been up to anything interesting today? What do you think of today’s post?

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