Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

I have officially finished my first year at Uni, that is such a scary thought!

This time last year I was in the middle of taking my A-Levels, worrying about the idea of moving away from home, having to make new friends and look after myself, and now I’m sat in halls thinking about what a fantastic year I’ve had. Those worries and stresses seem like a complete distant memory.

I remember one of my lecturers saying to us back in September, “Every year I have students coming up to me and saying how quickly Uni has gone, and you’ll be the same!” At first I think everyone was slightly skeptical, 3 years is a pretty long time right?! But if this first years anything to go by, I will definitely be one of those students!

I’ve loved my first year for so many reasons. My course has been amazing, I’ve enjoyed getting stuck into every challenge I’ve been given and learning new things. I’ve met some amazing people over the past year, which has only left me even more excited to see what the next two years have to offer!

My time in halls has also been so much better than I ever could have expected. The idea of moving into halls was the part of going to Uni I remember being most nervous about, but as cringey as it sounds, its exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I’ve made some amazing friends and so many memories, and although I’m looking forward to us moving into our house next year, I know leaving halls will be such a weird feeling as its where all our memories began.

And now summer has come around again, and I’ve got the next four months off to have a break and blog lots! So here’s to the next two years at Uni, hopefully they’ll live up to the first!

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