Things I would tell my 16-year-old self

It’s only natural to look back on life and think how you could have done things differently, but then I guess you wouldn’t learn from your mistakes.

In all honesty, I can’t really remember too much about my life at the age of sixteen. Coming from the Brighton area where the majority of high schools and sixth form colleges were completely separate, I had to leave the comforts of my secondary school and my close friendship group as we all moved on to go and study our A Levels.

Looking back now, there’s definitely a few things that I wish I could have told my 16-year-old self…

1. Your life isn’t going to change that much.

I remember the thought of moving on from high school to college was really daunting, even though the majority of people from school went to the same sixth form as me, I was adamant that everything was going to change and that I’d hate it. My best friend who I’d been in pretty much the same classes with for my whole life was going to a sixth form half an hour away, and there was always that worry in my mind that things would never be the same again. I couldn’t have been more wrong, I really enjoyed sixth form and even though I was only there for two years, I was still really sad about leaving! As for my best friend, well as cringey as it sounds, I think us going to different colleges has only strengthened our friendship, and thirteen years down the line since we became friends in year 2, we’re still going strong!

2. Put more focus into your future.

When we first started sixth form, all I can remember is them lecturing us on where we wanted to go next. Well for me at that time I wasn’t really sure, I felt like I’d only just had a big change in my life and settled into somewhere new, and I definitely wasn’t ready for another one! So I just brushed it under the carpet and tried to push the scary thoughts of going to University out of my head. Looking back now, I always wonder what I ever worried about. I guess I thought that I’d never be 100% sure on what I wanted to do, but it eventually came to me and I’m now in my second semester at Uni and I’m absolutely loving it!

3. Have fun and enjoy yourself!

I only really look back at my life when I was 16 with fond memories, and I know that I had lots of fun. But now being two years older, and wiser (I hope) it makes you realise that the things you worried about back then weren’t that much of a big deal.

So maybe that’s actually a piece of advice I could give myself now, cause in a few years time I’m bound to look back on my life as it is today and wonder what the hell I was worrying about!

2 thoughts on “Things I would tell my 16-year-old self

  1. hmm need to edit haha!! near the end you have put ”but now being two years old…” i think its mena be ”older” lol!!! jus a heads up before were all criticised next week haha x

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