Favourite Movies

When I saw that ‘Favourite Movies’ was trending on Twitter, it got me thinking about how difficult choosing one favourite film is. For some people the choice may be easy, but I think for the majority of people there’s so much choice its impossible to settle for just one! 

Films are all about personal preference and what people enjoy watching, whether they like the thrill of being scared by horrors, being entertained by comedies or weeping at a soppy chick-flick. 

For me, horror films are on the definite no list! I can’t watch without holding a cushion in front of my face and hate waiting for the next moment that’s going to make me jump off the sofa. Plus the sight of blood and gore makes me feel nauseous!

I’m a typical chick-flick kind of girl with my ‘favourite film’ list containing titles such as Titanic, Dear John, Friends with Benefits and Love Actually. Anything with a serious hottie and I’m in! I also love a good comedy, I like being able to watch something light-hearted and funny with a good story line. 

One of the best films I’ve seen recently is Les Miserables, which has pretty much taken the world by storm over the past few weeks. Everyone’s talking about how brilliant it is, with its spot-on cast and breathtaking soundtrack which has been the first musical soundtrack to reach number 1 in 16 years! So if you haven’t been to see it, its a definite must!


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