5 Reasons Why One Direction’s New Video Is Pretty Darn Brilliant!

After a week of teasing their fans with cheeky countdown snippets, One Direction released the video for their new single ‘Steal My Girl’ and 4pm (GMT) today. The boys have claimed that this is their best video to date, and with a rather famous actor, a range of zoo animals and an exotic setting behind them, here are five reasons why they might just be right…

1. Zayn being made the ‘mysterious’ one


At the beginning of the video, director Danny DeVito gives all of the boys different roles to play, and surprise surprise Zayn is named the mysterious one! Little inside joke to all the Directioners out there and a role that suits his character perfectly!

2. Niall’s hilarious dance moves


Niall just gets cuter by the minute doesn’t he? Always up for a laugh he’s guaranteed to make the fans giggle bustin’ his moves with an African tribe!

3. Louis makes friends with a monkey


I don’t think I could think of anything more brilliant that Louis Tomlinson (the cheeky one of the group) being placed next to a monkey! They seem to get on pretty well too!

4. THAT coat Harry’s wearing..


We all know Harry’s a sucker for fashion, but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw him rocking this leopard print trench coat. I’m not a leopard print fan myself but he still manages to look pretty hot..

5. Having an awesome actor as the videos ‘director’!


Danny DeVito – a great actor known for his roles in Matilda and Space Jam to name but a few, and now that One Direction are a fully fledged household name they managed to get him on side to act as the Director for their video – pretty cool huh?

Well done boys – watching your new video was a great way to start the weekend!

5 Reasons To Banish Your End Of Summer Blues!

It’s official – we’ve reached September, the month which sees the start of a new school/college year and post-summer holiday blues! But when I woke up this morning to a cloud of fog and a definite cooler breeze in the air I tried to think of some of the positives of waving goodbye to the summer months for another year and welcoming the cooler seasons. 

1. Everyone’s favourite events and holidays take place in Autumn and Winter

Halloween, Bonfire Night and (dare I say it) Christmas, are everyone’s favourite events of the year. The shops get so excited for them that Christmas cards, mince pies and pumpkins are put on the shelves in July! But what’s more fun than dressing up as a devil, having a bonfire with plenty of hot chocolate and marshmallows and eating chocolate everyday throughout December?! You know I’m right… 

2. A/W Fashion is AWESOME!

Cosy jumpers, Chelsea boots, thick scarves, snuggly socks and massive coats – need I say more? I personally love Autumn/Winter fashion and really enjoy dressing all cosy and snug on a cold day, it’s all about the layers!

3. Starbucks and Costa’s Seasonal Drinks 

Coffee lovers everywhere will be counting down the days until Gingerbread Lattes and Orange Mocha’s make a reappearance back into our lives – they are the perfect accessory to a warm winter outfit and shopping trip with the girls.

4. You can spend the day being completely lazy and not feel an ounce of guilt!

PJ’s, chocolate, a massive duvet and countless episodes of Gossip Girl or Breaking Bad? Yeah it sounds like the perfect day to me too – but something I always feel bad for doing throughout the summer months! But fear not, cold, damp weather is the perfect time to be as lazy as you want and nobody can make you feel guilty!

5. Onesies

I think the title says it all! Over the past few years everyone seems to have gone a bit onesie mad, but who can blame them?! I’ve already got my eye on a new one for when the cold weather starts to kick in..


If this doesn’t make you just a little bit excited for Autumn to be on it’s way then I don’t know what will! 

Five things I’ve been loving in July!

In June I did a blog post entitled ‘Five things I’m loving right now’, which was a post I really enjoyed writing as it’s always nice to focus upon things that have made you happy, so I thought I’d try and make this a monthly post to give my blog a bit of a routine. As we’ve just waved goodbye to July (a week ago I know!) I was having a think about things that I was loving during that very warm, summery month!

1. Baking

I’m the first person to admit I’ve never been the best in the kitchen, I can cook, but am definitely no Delia Smith in the making! However, on multiple occasions throughout July I decided to make cakes with my six-year-old sister, and found that it was something I actually really enjoyed doing.

July loving 1 July loving 4

 2. Having an iPhone!

Everyone that knows me, will know how much of a big deal it is that I’ve FINALLY upgraded to an iPhone. After having my little Blackberry for the past two years it was time to say goodbye when my contract ran out, and as much as it served me well, it’s definitely refreshing to be up to date in the world of technology!

3. Home Cooked Food

Obviously with me being at University for the majority of the year, it’s always so lovely to come home to my (much loved and missed) parents home cooking! So whilst being home for summer I’ve definitely enjoyed letting myself indulge in lots of yummy treats I wouldn’t normally have at University – and yes I do realise my plate was a bit ambitious when I had Roast (left).

July loving 2 July loving 3 

4. Radio 1

This could seem a bit of an odd one, but whilst I’ve been home and have been at work, Radio 1 is something we always have on in the office. Although it’s something I’ve always loved listening to, it’s one of those things I forget about at Uni and then remember how much I love whenever I’m home.

5. Hair Scrunchies

As you’re probably aware, hair scrunchies seem to be all the rage at the moment. Although I’m never one to wear my hair up when I go out that often, whenever I shove it up at home, which has seemed a regular occurrence in the hot weather, I always find a scrunchie looks so cute compared to a normal hair tie. I’ve only got one at the moment which I brought in the Topshop sale, but am on the lookout to add more to my collection!

July loving 5


What things have you been loving this month?

Summer OOTD

In a recent favourites post I mentioned my love for patterned trousers, so thought I’d feature them in a summer OOTD!

OOTD 1      OOTD 2

Trousers: New Look £12.99

Black Cami: H&M £3.99

Shoes: Primark £4

Sleeveless Denim Jacket: New Look £19.99

Patterned trousers are so versatile to wear in the summer weather, and can be easily dressed up or down to suit either day or evening events. Today I decided to partner mine with a black cami top tucked in and threw over a sleeveless denim jacket to protect my shoulders and back a bit more from the sun (pale people problems!)

Do you own any patterned trousers? If so, how do you style them?

Nails of the Day

If you hadn’t already noticed, I’m a bit of a nail varnish addict. I love having prettily painted nails, however, recently in between working and catching up with friends and family whilst being at home I haven’t been able to fit in giving my nails a bit of a spruce up. So yesterday I decided to sit down, stick on some music and give my naked nails a pamper!

photo 1 (1)

photo 2 (1)


I decided to go for a pastel pink shade (No7 Stay Perfect in Pinky Pure 160) to go with the pretty glorious weather over the past few days. 

What nail varnish have you been loving recently?

My Top 3 Budget Skincare Products

Skincare is an important part of every girls beauty regime, but sometimes when you’re on a budget it can be difficult to know which high street products to trust. Recently, I’ve found myself re-purchasing some of the same products that appear to have a positive affect on my skin, so I thought I’d share them with you.

1. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – £4.99

Skincare 1

At the beginning of the year, Garnier released their new cleansing water in the UK, and after hearing lots of good things about the product I was super keen to try it out. The cleansing water is designed for sensitive skin and can be used to remove all make up, including make up on the eyes, with the bottle stating it’s enough for 200 uses. I use the cleansing water every night once I’ve taken all of my make up off by applying it to a cotton pad, just to make sure that my face is properly clean and find it works really well. I brought my first bottle of Garnier’s cleansing water back in February, and have only just had to repurchase another bottle, so I think I can vouch for Garnier when they say the product has 200 uses, something I didn’t think would be true when I first purchased the product! Overall I really love this product, it’s at an extremely reasonable price especially for the amount you get, and is really good at keeping your skin feeling clear and fresh.

2. Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Nose Strips – £7.99

Skincare 2

Last year I discovered the skincare range Biore, and one of their favourite products that I have repurchased multiple times is their nose strips. Nose strips can be a daunting skincare product to use at first, there’s the suspicion about whether or not they will actually work, and the worry about the pain!  Designed to remove any dirt and blackheads from the nose area to keep the skin clear, you place the strip across your nose for ten minutes and then peel it off (slowly I might add!). Biore’s nose strips are a really good product, they work really well and are perfect if you fancy a pamper evening, just partner with a face mask and you’re good to go!

3. Boots Essentials Cucumber Wipes – £1.50

Skincare 3

There’s a lot of stigma attached to face wipes and whether they’re bad for your skin or not. I’ve always used face wipes as a way of removing make up, especially around my eyes, but it’s taken a while for me to work out which ones are good for my skin. You’d think that more pricey brands such as Simple and Johnson would be better at keeping your face clear, however when it comes to my skin I’ve always found that less is more and that Boots cucumber face wipes work really well at keeping my skin fresh and healthy, especially combined with Garnier’s cleansing water. Plus, retailing at £1.50 and regularly being on offer means you can’t really go wrong!

What budget skincare products do you like?

“A Camera Is A Save Button For The Mind’s Eye” – Roger Kingston

There’s nothing I love more than looking through photographs, whether it’s after a special event, after a night out, photos from my childhood or just flicking through random snaps of me and my friends or family. A couple of weeks ago I went to Isle Of Wight Festival and decided to go a bit old school and take disposable cameras rather than my digital one because, let’s face it, getting a bunch of photos developed that you haven’t seen is pretty entertaining!

The other day I finally got round to getting my photos developed (very late I know!) and thought I’d share some of my snaps on my blog..